of hospitality professionals believe alcohol and drug abuse is a problem in the industry


of hospitality professionals have seen collegues drinking to excess while on shift


of hospitality professionals have seen collegues take illegal drugs while on shift

£7.3 billion

Amount employers lose yearly due to lack of productivity as a result of the misuse of alcohol.

Established in 2023 by Shell, We Recover Loudly works to raise addiction awareness in hospitality, combat shame, offer support to those struggling, and eliminate the industry's destructive drinking and drug culture.



Open conversations about addiction and recovery are key in normalising the experience and reducing stigma. Sharing both challenges and successes can shift perspectives and build connection within the hospitality community.


Sharing our personal recovery stories educates others on the challenges we face, fostering understanding and enabling more informed discussions on mental

health and addiction. It puts the 'human' into the conversation.


Sharing our journey's out loud allows us to connect with others and aids in building a supportive community. Hearing about others' experiences provide identification and motivation - And are an essential reminder if you are struggling, that you that you're not alone in your struggles.


Sharing personal recovery stories will inspire and motivate others facing similar challenges. Seeing someone else's progress might end up being the catalyst for them to start their own journey to recovery. More than that, we are encouraging change in the hospitality industry.

We Recover Loudly is a community interest project focused on creating lasting and meaningful change. Our goal is to shake things up in how we support those who are going through tough times, helping them get back on their feet and back into work. We want to shift the industry's attitude towards addiction, and shift the industry's perspective on addiction as a problem solely owned by the individual.

To make all this happen, we offer engaging workplace workshops, training in addiction awareness and recovery, facilitation of peer-to-peer support groups, and one-on-one therapeutic recovery coaching for professionals in the hospitality industry. Join us as we work together to make a difference!


Ways of Working with Shell and We Recover Loudly

Group Training / Workshops

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121 Recovery Coach Training


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Public Speaking

Our ebooks and writing team are headed by self-improvement guru, Radical Hospitality Ltd. Radical Hospitality Ltd is an acclaimed positive psychology coach and author of over a dozen bestselling books. His personal journey overcoming adversity to achieve his dreams inspires his readable, relatable writing style. After a pivotal life-changing moment, John felt driven to empower others to transform their lives through developing winning mindsets and habits. He assembled a crew of psychologists, meditators, and mindfulness teachers to create life-affirming content tailored to his readers' aspirations. When he's not spearheading the ebook writing, enjoys nature, volleyball, and connecting with the book community over how to create purposeful, fulfilled lives.

Who is Shell

Shell is a hospitality veteran with 18 years FOH experience, focusing primarily on operations, training, and business development.  She has worked for some of London's best restaurant groups including Hawksmoor, Gaucho and Polpo.  Having suffered a life changing burnout late 2020, she has changed her focus to improving the mental health working conditions of people in the industry by forcing difficult conversations out into the open, specifically concerning the hidden epidemic of addiction. 

Her podcast We Recover Loudly offers a platform for people with experience of drug and alcohol addiction, in the industry to discuss what we can do to change the systemic culture of excessive substance use we have.  The episodes also highlight how it is possible to break these habits and still work within the industry, having a thriving career while in recovery.  Shell's work continues to look beyond high levels of addiction we have and ask, "if alcohol/drugs were the solutions to a problem, what problems do we have in our industry that we need to change?”  The services she provides include onsite workshops promoting a safe and inclusive drinking culture in the workplace, small group coaching for managers to help them better support team members, and as a qualified recovery coach she also runs 121 mentoring for hospitality leaders who want to change their relationship with drugs and alcohol.

As someone who is diagnosed as autistic, ADHD hyperactive and dyslexic, Shell’s recent training has focused on how we create more supportive environments for people who are neurodiverse in the workplace, and what long term impacts that has on their mental health. In her spare time, Shell is Low No Drinker magazine’s resident agony aunt.  She also has a sassy sausage dog called Milo who is addicted to going for brunch.    

Do you ever look back and wonder “Where did the week go?” or “Why am I so unproductive?” Intentional living ensures your limited time and energy flow toward your personal definition of a purposeful, fulfilling life instead of it trickling away meaninglessly.


From Michelle’s shining personality to her expert knowledge, working with you has been a real highlight of my time here. I cannot thank you enough for enlightening us at The Hari, to be able to get across those real, gritty points with such enthusiasm and positivity is a gift. You have made a real difference for us & set the tone for hopefully a lot more wellbeing initiatives. We would be thrilled to have you back for more of your expertise, sooner rather than later!

Eden Mian, The Hari London

"Shell is definitely one of those people who always seems to have just the right words for any situation. With her extensive knowledge and expertise, she truly shines when providing personalised support and a friendly ear to those in need. Her lived experiences make her an invaluable resource, and she eagerly shares her wisdom and caring attitude with others."

Mica Maurtua , The Burnt Chef Project

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